As a lumber transloading yard, our customers are brokers or oversea buyers whom purchases lumber from local mills for oversea shipments, or the actual local mill themselves whom have oversea contracts; Acorn Transload perform the stuffing of lumber into ocean freight containers at a per container charge including transportation to port.

Your lumber is trucked in from local mills to Acorn Transload, while truckers will be engaged to bring in empty containers to allow for “live loading” of the lumber into these containers via a forklift team. Live loading is a process in which truckers are waiting in their trucks while the commodity is being loaded into the container itself and the trucker leaves shortly afterwards to port with a full container for ocean freight.


  • Accurate inventory is our first priority.
  • Punctual cutoff schedule control makes your cargo always arrival on time.
  • Experienced loading team optimize your every container loading.
  • Detailed reports and load plan are provided for reference.